The UnRetouched trend; Gucci’s Reinvention; Succès de Scandale – Learning from Miley, Madonna & Iggy Azalea = Celebrating Inner beauty! Selena Gomez Vs. Nicole Kidman

The notion on beauty, objectifying beauty and its complexities are varied but now it is reaching an apocalyptic level of liberation becoming more vivid, true to the core and sight for sore eyes.

Case in point – from Madonna‘s unretouched pictures for Interview magazine in November last year; Kate Moss‘s recent unretouched Vogue Italia spread shot by Peter Lindbergh; the leaked L’Oréal cosmetics campaign showing Beyoncé‘s uneven skin tone; Cindy Crawford‘s much debated stretch marks via Marie Claire Mexico.. to the very recent, Iggy Azalea accepting that being a woman and having cellulite is perfectly normal!

Reese Witherspoon’s Wild, Julianne Moore’s role of Alice Howland and her gripping performance in Still Alice and especially the deglamourized performance from Jennifer Aniston in Cake all point to a clear emphasis on “real beauty”, “real-woman” beautiful from the inside!

UnRetouched, most definitely is a trend now.  What is sad is that the reaction over it in social media from certain quarters which is quite disgusting – as if there is a sheer lack of moral consciousness out there! I totally respect freedom of speech howsoever opinionated (strong, succinct, relevant or otherwise) as some people can be subtly honest and bold about their introspection on what’s trending – however, today, this fine art of dissent is blurring into pure nastiness!  Especially when a woman’s stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles become a subject of ridicule. Its time to embrace what’s real and denounce the fake, forced perception of vanity often a by-product of media and give way to realism that invariably withstands the test of time and modesty in celebrating inner beauty.

Gucci is on a drive to shake things up. The label is at cross roads yet again and fervently hoping to do a retake of the stellar turnaround a decade back under Tom Ford’s creative directorship until 2004. In 1995 Tom Ford took a calculated risk in infusing newness to the brand associating with French stylist Carine Roitfeld and photographer Mario Testino and practically etched a new brand identity for Gucci. Its 2015 now Alessandro Michele and his androgynous creative vision seems to have struck the right chord at the Milan Fashion Week!

Talking of reinvention, it all started when a coy Miley Cyrus decided to re-brand herself in a new unabashed tongue-flapping and pixie haircut demeanor. We have since then Madonna flashing her butt on the Grammys 2015 Red Carpet, Selena Gomez making headlines post-provocative photo shoot for V Magazine (much reminiscent of Céline Dion posing topless in Risqué high-fashion shoot and Nicole Kidman‘s on the cover of V Magazine few years back). The learning is not to succumb to a status quo. Perhaps what these brands (celebrities are brands in their own right) teach us is that change is the only constant. So, reinvention’s definition could be simple – straight-forward, challenging the status quo and as utterly, downright controversial but always ensuring that the subject remains newsworthy!

-Amit Anand



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