Logo Affinity; London Collections: Men AW15 & The Golden Globe Awards; #JeSuisCharlie; Bye-bye Frida Giannini of Gucci, Welcome John Galliano of Maison Martin Margiela!

The real definition of Multitasking: I’m sipping on my favorite Caffè Nero (yes, with chocolate on top!) cappuccino and my mind is wandering like a pendulum..more like Ke$ha’s tik-tok but quietly humming Taylor Swift’s Blank Space (way cooler than Ke$ha’s tik-tok anyday) running on my current playlist. My mind wanders to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and all the parodies that this song ignited on the WWW(Bart Baker? Can’t seem to shake off that guy from my head!).. I am also trying to read a magazine but it doesn’t seem like much of a page turner. Then, suddenly it dawns on me that today, the London Collections: Men AW15 finally wraps up and I hurriedly Google to find the post-event reviews and all the analysis on collections. This post was almost finished in the late afternoon of Monday, 12th Jan’15! But, it only shows up on my blog on 13th Jan’15. Please don’t mind and carry on reading :)

Frankly, reviews don’t matter as much I love to analyze the contrast when runway trends and divergent viewpoints of the designers’ clash on the runway and off it. Menswear is having a moment right now and this all makes one helluva grand show proclaiming Menswear to be the new global lingua franca of the fashion world for four days (at the most!).

Every year there is a common theme. Last year was all about Black being back. This year the trends seem to be twirling largely between the sixties and the seventies so quite retro in short. More color and then some monochromatic, military and grunge but chic nonetheless.

My source most indefinitely is the official London Collections: Men website. You can view the collections and highlights of the shows : http://www.londoncollections.co.uk/

Coming to the designers I adore. It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite. But, Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Prorsum (Men’s) wins hands down- love the floral, camouflages and bohemian and leopard patterned collection -effortless and yet minimalist making the brand a fine connoisseur of men’s high fashion!

I can never get tired of the tartan pattern frankly. The importance of logo for a luxury brand is very crucial for perpetuating brand identity. The Chanel logo was designed by Coco Chanel herself in 1925 and I’m sure brands have an identifiable modus operandi and their logo is the key to connect with their audience but perhaps the luxury brands need to step-up in the design department to retain their customers who are brand loyalists and have an affinity but the scales could change if the brands don’t reinvent soon!

Taking the cue is definitely Gucci and Maison Martin Margiela who seem to driving that change!

Haven’t yet had the chance to view Tom Ford’s AW15 collection for menswear but it is on top of my list of “must-see-this-week”.

Speaking of favorites, there is an uncanny similarity to Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini yesteryear’s menswear collection and some of the designer’s theme this AW15. I will not take names but I see particularly the use of dark luxurious elements and predominantly sharp tailored looks, over-sized overcoats, statement hold-alls, gold quilted and military-style jackets and dandy fabrics and (phew!) printed flora designs that has become Gucci’s trademark of sorts.

Her recent earlier-than-anticipated exit from Gucci is saddening. I adore Frida Giannini. Truly a woman of substance! While the fashion world bids adieu to Frida, it welcomes with equal fervor, its prodigal son John Galliano’s who returns back to claim his lost kingdom with a couture show out-of-the-blues and seemingly with a quite a bang for Maison Martin Margiela this time around.

The internet world is abuzz with fashion’s brightest proudly showing-off their invites on social media (sorry, the show-offs are more quasi-fashion’s brightest). John’s most ardent supporters Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and the likes probably just went to celebrate his comeback.

Barring sporadic references to his past anti-Semitic rant, it’s great to see John Galliano’s talent prevailing over controversy and we can only hope to see the best from him!

My tribute to #JeSuisCharlie – It’s heartwarming! All the support that’s pouring in around the world. Any kind of intolerance against the right to freedom of expression and the right to dissent is condemnable.  It is unfortunate that expressionism has become a subject of ridicule and fodder to ignite religious fanaticism.

One good thing about this year’s Golden Globe Awards, an event that invariably gets loads of media coverage – was probably that celebrities used it as platform to voice their support and stood up to what’s right (Charlie Hebdo, recent Sony email hacks,Bill Cosby) over being pretentious about what and who they are wearing both off and on the red carpet.

– Amit Anand

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