Photo-blog: My recent trips to Nordics, Baltics, Germany, Russia and Spain + Poetry: Art in the Sea!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

I love reiterating quotes that are so stimulating to the mind and senses  , especially as they are rooted in my real life experiences because I feel so motivated to explore the world we inhibit.

I first became aware of the enthusiasm of traveling as an army kid – my dad is a retired army officer and we were always on the move during his postings every year or two! I was the first one to get super excited about packing my bags and exploring the unknown. To this day travel brings in those fond memories and my family makes sure we travel 3-4 times in the year to places we have never been to – together. It is simply amazing and I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity time and again and to be able to travel with my loved ones. Touch wood!

Traveling is invigorating. And, traveling in the sea even more so. I feel like I belong to the sea and this poem I wrote years back holds true to this fact till date. And there is just one message through this photo-blog. Hope you like it as much as I do writing about it: Enjoy the memories you create!

Image on the slider: Credit: wallpapers <dot> brothersoft


The chasten carnival of the brook

clamours it’s way down

down, down, the caliph mountain trail

as avid plain, longs to behold

the prodigal, bridal waif

the procession is destined to see..

the prodigy of – art in the sea.

The envying sea recalls

the art is not only on blazon lands

the sea too, thrives deep down

down, down, the sublime sands

as the harmonic fiesta, the gaiety prevails

the ecstasy, of divinity sails

the sea, creates symphony-the high tide

of valiant turmoils, that raven inside!

The vestal sea takes in

the epics of past, that once deem

Unbeknownst. Unknown lost monuments

the Titanics, of it’s self esteem

the intrepid numerous spectators

lurk silently, in colourful piety,

to inhere radiant inspirits

on, these gardens of deity

never could one wonder the world below

below, below, the sunken indigo

now in a trance, I see

the prodigy of – art in the sea.


Nordics & Baltics – Visited: Copenhagen & Århus Denmark, Stockholm Sweden, Oslo Norway, Helsinki Finland and Tallinn Estonia

Russia – Visited: Saint Petersburg

Germany – Visited: Berlin and Warnemünde

Spain – Visited: Valencia, Barcelona, Sitges and Madrid!

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-Amit Anand

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