My Body = My Canvas

My Body = My Canvas!

My Body = My Canvas! Love my tattoos!

 I am a firm believer of symbolism much like the ancient cultures had their own myths and totems and spiritual symbols had different connotations for them. I procrastinated of sorts on getting inked for many years and finally took the plunge last year! Not getting one or two, but ten in total within a span of two months! It’ll be difficult to say “I will stop at ten”! But, what really made me get them in the first place wasn’t because getting tattooed is a fad of sorts but because I strongly believe tattoos are a way of expressing one’s individuality and not about “just being fashionable”. Although, part of me (which is overtly flamboyant at times) figured that a tattoo (or a bunch of tattoos) will only have its perks as it creates a curiosity about the person.

It infuriates me on how people with #tats are perceived and it’s a real bummer! I’m much over opinionated people and false first impressions! Some of the most intelligent people I know with possibly the highest emotional and intelligence quotient combined are #Inked !!

I won’t deny that the needles to scare me! But, there is something addictive about the buzz of the needle that deep dives painfully into your skin and then there is this sudden realisation that it is giving you something that is going to be part of you for a lifetime unless you get it removed! There is, in fact, a big question of sorts that it may not always look the same owing to one’s foray into the old age and sagging skin a dragon might actually look like a dragonfly as you age!

Frankly, I pondered a lot into the nitty-gritty of symbolism before getting tattooed. It’s more like the left-brain vs. the right-brain theory. What’s interesting is that where most people can’t care any less about what they are getting inked on them, some like me, like to do their research  – it is more like a whole-brainer than a no-brainer! Something that’s going to be part of your skin – fashionable or not deserves your attention and research. That is my opinion. So there is no room for introspection.

In case you are considering getting inked, think of something that is striking and unique. Skulls and Crosses add the masculine splendour but they are overdone, boring and drab- unless of course, you are someone who leans toward more rock ‘n’ roll inspired look!

– Amit Anand

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