Internet Vs. The Business of Fashion (Weeks); Holographic Models in future; Conspicuous Consumption Vs. Conspicuous Frugality; Real Woman -Patricia Arquette at the Oscars; Elie Saab rocks!

Huff ‘n’ puff literally :) I have so much to write that it’s impossible to capture the essence of it in one subject line! OK, one at a time :)

I have been asked by lot of my blog readers as to why there are so many frequent fashion weeks across the four major contributing fashion capitals of the world i.e. New York, London, Milan and Paris?

Well, there is never a dull moment in fashion but the fashion weeks across four major fashion capitals is actually a biannual affair. Twice in an year (February for Autumn/Winter and September for Spring/Summer) fashion weeks are organized to help define trends for the coming season and they take place much in advance to enable buyers and retailers stock up just in time for the season.

So when you think you have the world’s best wardrobe and all the latest trends..and you are done with sourcing and eventually gathering(buying) your priced sartorial possessions – you are made to believe that it may not be “the end of the shopping frenzy or updating your wardrobe” after all! C’est la vie!

The most recent fashion week this month just concluded in New York NYFW AW15, followed by London – LFW AW15. The fashion bandwagon will head to Milan and finally rest in Paris in first week of March 2015 – wrapping up the AW15 fashion frenzy.

Fashion weeks majorly contribute to the launch ‘novelty’ factor of the brands and keep the sales register ringing or atleast that is what they are supposedly meant to achieve.

A recent survey by Forrester research firm indicates a growing change in the millennials’ media consumption habits. Obviously, it is just about the changes in media consumption from traditional media to digital and social media. Other than the surveys, we have also heard of Lipstick index, the Hemline Theory etc. – most centre around trends in consumption and consumer behaviour, fashion and style, buying patterns..Now, when the developed economies are buckling back from recession and the developing world is becoming bearish….economic indicators cease to capitalize on a growing trend that’s birthing right now.

And the trend is more like ditching the whole ideal of conspicuous consumption.  Ditching all the burgeoning costs that go into creating theatrics and real-life extravagance that fashion weeks are increasingly perceived as.

This is the area where fashion weeks seem to losing their edge as being the centrepiece of action and building blocks of business in the modern world. I think talking about consumer analytics that the internet is closely monitoring per click online and building and patterning a vast repository of our buying behaviour and showing us what we like to see whenever we go online is pretty old news!

The business of fashion is becoming more mainstream and functional via digital and internet and live streaming of shows is allowing a massive outreach, sometimes even to the demographics that is not intended for rendering the internet to become a far more powerful yet cheaper venue where brands can be built or torn down overnight.

We are already talking about virtual reality and artificial intelligence in fashion shows creating digital resurrected computer-generated images of a runway show that shows the holographic life-like fashion models donning the latest collections! The technology today is far more superior in comparison to Alexander McQueen’s use of Kate Moss’s hologram almost a decade back! We are seeing exclusive online digital communities sprouting and offering a serious competition to the very viability of fashion weeks changing the landscape of the consumer-buyer nexus.

This trend of conspicuous frugality can be seen in the new digital strategy of major fashion houses as brands are increasing their online niche developing interactive online storefronts inching closer to selling directly to consumers as opposed to investing in large scale high-street and upmarket store formats that often demand high rentals and less ROI!

From virtual reality to the real world! Oscars are about celebrating movies, felicitating the film fraternity and the art of film-making but this globally renowned event was not about fashion gaffes and gushes this time around. Thanks to Patricia Arquette at the Oscars 2015.  Three cheers for Patricia Arquette’s strong message on equality at the Oscars! Quite reminiscent of the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes 2015 take on Bill Cosby.

Real women have curves is passé..real women have a voice is the real thing!

Although, I have to also talk about the spectacular entrance making couture gowns in multitudes of colours and fabrics on the red carpet. Particularly Emma Stone’s and Jennifer Lopez’s elegant and regal looks in Elie Saab ensemble.


-Amit Anand


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