Fashionating Twins – #SS15 revisited @ #TheRow and #DSQUARED2

I’m almost done and dusted with couple capers! Couples finally tying the knot and all the post-nupital-fun they seem to be having! Well, congrats is in order to couples who got hitched in 2014! A big year for the eternal-bachelor George Clooney who met his match in Amal Alamuddin (now, Amal Clooney)! Hopefully it’ll be happily ever after for you guys! All I am saying is that I can’t seem to deal with all the coupling-overdose in one big literal gulp!All the hoopla has sure led #kimye (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West) in the arms of the luxury French fashion house Balmain! Surely, one thing I learn here is that the more you are “out there” the more probability you will get to be “out here”!! Being constantly plastered across social media has immense benefits!

But, the focal point of my post is the a pairing of a different kind. Here is officially my first post celebrating the oomph of real fashion rockstars and people I admire and people who fascinate me (wait, there are many, many more people I will be talking about, these 2 pairs on my list are just lucky to be the first ones).


Picture: Popsugar, The Row, Dsquared2


Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen (not sure if they are fraternal or identical twins but twins they are for sure!), and, Canadian twin brothers’ Dean and Dan Caten perhaps the two most successful pair of twins in the fashion world! I personally feel that fashion cannot have just one identity which is why I love how they manage to express this very distinctiveness with their keen ability to put together fashion that is incomparable and a perfect amalgamation of two mindsets and creatives!

Both pairs are seemingly down to earth and yet running multi-million-pound fashion empires and my interest in them is primarily piqued  by their SS15 collections. The Row for their highly vivid, fluid and yet muted and monochromatic looks and DSquared2 for all the  elegance and panache of personal style – both catering to the contemporary lifestyle of women today!

Their SS15 collections scream modern and just before I disengage myself from the keyboard, amongst these four very gorgeous people, it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite. But, if a choice has to be made, it’ll have to be Mary-Kate Olsen, particularly for showing a multifaceted character and living without inhibitions, particularly so, being married to a much older man albeit (nonetheless) hunky Olivier Sarkozy!

-Amit Anand

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