Digital Nativity + Diversity Dreaming! Summer of 2017!!

I have just begun taking baby steps towards realising a long-held ambition. To start something of value – a  diversity-led marketing startup trying to disrupt the very visages of how diversity can add to a brand’s bottomline and topline impacting the business via expansion into a consumer base that is diverse! Can’t give out more details but I promise I will be less cryptic and my blog readers and followers across my social media channels will be the first to know! The launch of my new start-up is August 2017!

More later…

This Blog itself is in transition at the moment. Although content still remains this blog’s strong point, the only downside of not having enough content is being worked out as I write this post!

I am currently setting up a Diversity and Inclusion portfolio and so my energies are largely focussed on this new project.

However, beginning August this year, I shall be more active on my blog. To me personally, this blog is much more that a journal on fashion, brands, lifestyle etc. The blog is all about people, individuality and the power of self that can create and consume consciously!

We are at crossroads where it is no longer about business-to-consumers or business-to-business. It is about people-to-people and person-to-person.

Digital customer experience matters today. Especially given today’s highly evolved well-informed consumer (this could consuming a product or service), multiple connected devices and consumers expecting brands to become more personalised than generic, mass-produced.

So, in the forthcoming posts, you’ll often read about, ‘How I’ll create an experience for my readers who are willing to consume information I share in both physical and digital formats?’ As a socially conscious blogger and for someone who detests the notion of dumping anything and everything on their face, I value consumers as much as the brands I talk about on this blog.


The idea is to be a curator of outcomes and purveyor of brands that not only understand the consumer but also surpass the customer needs. For me, doing the right thing for the consumer outweighs the commercial benefits I may be in a position to gain by just writing about the virtues of a brand that my readers may vociferously consume and eventually invest in. 

I’m an ROI-focused blogger, a global and digital native with an eye for innovation, always on a lookout for brands that speak a human tone with their customers. I fully understand why brands need to develop and implement a reasonably relevant consumer strategy and how they should go about adding value to their customers thereby adding value to their own sustenance, growth, and credibility. I love effective creation and use of online content and I understand the importance of engaging the right consumer, at the right time, with the right message!

This is me signing off! Enjoying the summer in London, Incidentally, yesterday, 21st June 2017 was a summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The sun rose and how and it also was the #hottest #June day in London with a temperature of 34.5C (94F) recorded since 1976 (#METOFFICE)

I am not #complaining :)




-Amit Anand

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