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Vogueistic’s USP is content-based blogging which has a high journalistic fervour. Readers will value this blog’s strong viewpoint and opinion and carefully curated data. The blog is managed by Amit Anand (yes! that’s me on the left :)), Editor of the blog.

I am a passionate traveller and aspiring writer, blogger and an avid advocate of Diversity and Inclusion and Social Responsibility. I have managed/hosted several other blogs and community forums and networking events. In the past, I have also led brand promotions and digital campaigns for Guess and Levis on my blog Dreaming of Gucci.

I’m a Diversity specialist by profession and I advise organisations on augmenting their Inclusion footprint by conceptualising strategies for them to attract, retain and develop diverse talent and customers covering internal and external diversity landscape. I work with leading consumer brands, global organisations offering – product and services, eCommerce giants, start-ups and non-profits – even individuals like philanthropists – largely for the diversity-focused entrepreneurial economy.

Why do I run this Blog?

Well,  I love writing (lol, cliché). Hence, the existence of this blog. I have always been good with words and I use writing as my voice and as my creative outlet to put my thoughts and perspective out to the world. I’ve always believed to be a better version of myself than following a herd and be like someone else and this belief carries onto my blog: Originals are worth more than copies!

Vogueistic is a personal journey to celebrate the oomph and exuberance of brands and people associated with them, who are pioneers in the world of fashion, beauty, health, science, technology, lifestyle and related disciplines in varying degrees and continue to awe with all the goodness they have bestowed upon us.

The name of my blog begins with “Vogue” but it has nothing to do with the magazine and its brand of herd mentality “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” journalism!

Vogue in this blog is value for People, Consumers, Employees – Vogueistic celebrates the unusual more than usual – not sounding too cryptic and not comparing with the one million blogs out there that are vying for your attention! The blog’s vision is to a maintain a perfect yin-yang balance talking about the good and not so good..because for every argument in favour you can find an argument against and Vogueistic hopes to achieve a balance that resonates with such polarities. Vogueistic focuses on value perception in an increasingly value-driven marketplace of today. The value that is popular for the right reasons, hence Vogueistic!

With over 20,000 followers across our social media network, Vogueistic aims to bridge the gap between The Brand and the Consumer, celebrating individuality, uniqueness and the spirit of  #ThisIsMe as opposed to #ThisIsThemAndWeNeedToBeLikeThem!

I am a big advocate of LGBT, Gender, Generational and Ethno-Cultural Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility. I value institutions, brands, products, organisations and even individuals who are genuinely adding value to our world and especially committed to social responsibility and uplifting of diverse communities. I believe this blog compliments largely to the work I’m doing within the scope of Diversity. I support causes of consciousness and humanity that are creating new opportunities for our youth, diverse professionals from the broader spectrum i.e. the five pillars of diversity (Women, LGBTQ, Differently Abled, Veterans, Aboriginal etc.) sustainability-driven, environment-friendly, socially responsible and engaged organisations!

I aim to be the loudspeaker of brands and people whom I love to talk about because they are offering a unique perspective to our world via anything and everything largely from a hyperopic angle, a broader lens, and an overview from a Social Responsibility perspective and genuine value creation!


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